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Jenny Jing Zhu

Embrace your journey, however bumpy it may be. Every struggle, every setback is not a life sentence, but a stepping-stone towards your strength, growth, and success.”

Jenny Jing Zhu

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From dreaming to leading, my transformation ignited a new purpose. Today, as a leader, my ultimate dream is to ignite others – empowering them to surpass their goals and unlock their fullest potential.


My mission is to inspire individuals, especially those who resemble my younger self, to learn and grow alongside me as we navigate life’s challenges. By sharing my story with honesty and openness, I aim to provide guidance and support, acknowledging that I am still on a journey of personal development myself. Together, we can embrace obstacles as opportunities for growth, building bridges of resilience and empowering one another to create fulfilling and meaningful lives.

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As the founder and CEO of @LushDecorHome, I’m often asked, “What does Lush Decor mean to you?“ To me, it’s my journey - from a small village in China without electricity, to immigrating to the United States in my mid-20s without speaking much English, to establishing Lush Decor Home during the 2008 financial crisis. Today, Lush Decor Home isn’t just a business, it’s a brand designed to inspire.​

Our homes are more than structures; they’re our sanctuaries - places of comfort, inspiration, and growth. That’s the essence behind Lush Decor Home. We’re not just about creating beautiful decor; we’re about empowering YOU to make your space a reflection of your journey, dreams, and strength. Through our Lush Décor Home Stylist Collective, we partner with a sisterhood of talented home stylists who bring our mission to life, inspiring your inner designer and empowering you to narrate your unique stories through your homes.​

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Overcoming: A Journey of Defying the Odds, Redefining Obstacles, and Designing An Inspired Life

Embark on an inspiring journey with Jenny Jing Zhu, a proud Asian American immigrant, as she defies cultural expectations and navigates the challenges of entrepreneurship and life. From a humble village in China without electricity to starting new in the U.S. despite limited English skills, Jenny faced immense challenges. But with unwavering determination and a heart full of dreams, she founded Lush Decor Home in 2008 during a financial crisis. Today, as the resilient founder and CEO of Lush Decor, Jenny leads a successful company that generates over $100M annually. Her memoir is a testament to the power of resilience and the boundless potential within each of us. Join her as she shares the highs and lows, the tears and triumphs, and discover the inspiration to overcome obstacles and pursue your own extraordinary path.

Jenny Jing Zhu x Gold House

Jenny teams up with Gold House on their mission to unite, invest in and champion Asian Pacific creators and companies to empower tomorrow for all! Jenny’s focus will be shining the spotlight on AAPI women and immigrants to help inspire and amplify their ambitions. Check back for information on events and how you can get involved.

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